Preparing for your new alarm to be installed

Thank you for choosing safe plus security for your security system. Here we will take you through steps to help you prepare for when we come and install your new system. Here we will look at setting the application up on your phone to save you having to do this on the day

Installing the application to your phone

By having our secure application on your phone will enable you to take full control of your alarm system at a fraction of the cost of a monitored alarm. This will enable you to monitor the alarm yourself by reciving notifications of alarm activation and events as well as checking on the status of your alarm and even arming and disarming the alarm seamlessly from your mobile device or tablet.


Here's some simple steps on how we can get the application on your phone

Step 1:

If you are using a mobile device click on the correct logo for android or IOS to take you directly to the app. If this fails or you are not using a mobile please follow the steps below.

Head over to the google play store for android or app store for Apple devices and search for "Eaton Secureconnect". Here you should be able to a Blue Eaton logo. Download this application and head over to step 2 once installed.


Step 2:

Create an account Eaton Secure Connect. Here you will be taken through simple steps to create an account. This is to keep your alarm app secure behind a password. It also enables you to use these details to log into other devices you may having making the process simpler when it comes to adding the app on other devices

Step 3:

Now that you are all ready to go on your phone all we need to do now is activate your online subscription to ensure your alarm is activated for remote access when we arrive on site. Don't panic if we're not coming to you for a week or so. Payments are taken at the 1st of every month so you won't be charged until you are accessing the full benefits of your alarm.

Please click the link below to see our full list of packages so you can choose which one is the best plan for you. We offer just the Eaton subscription charge right up to a fully comprehensive alarm package where we can offer remote support and cover all wear and tear.