Burglar Alarms

Safe Plus Security, experts in home security.

Be completely secure with a professionally install intruder alarm at an affordable price.

Feel safe whether your tucked up in bed or out and about with a reliable intruder alarm you can count on.


Pet Friendly

Have pets at home? We can cater to your needs with pets to allow you arm your house even with them wondering around keep you and your pets secure.

Set or unset with ease

Arm and disarm your property using our smart tags or remote saving the need to input your code every time you want to set or unset your alarm


Smart Alarm

Ever left your home wondering if you set your alarm? With our smart alarm this is a thing of the past.

Arm, Disarm and control your intruder alarm directly from your smart phone.

Never be left in the dark wondering again.

Visual Deterrent

Burglars are less likely to go for properties that are clearly armed.

Our external bell box is a great visual deterrent for your property.


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