We take your security seriously, which is why we offer a range of solutions to ensure your property is safe & secure, no matter the size.

With our vast knowledge in the industry our team of engineers are expertly trained to be able to provide the best solution to fit your home & lifestyle.

Peace of mind is important, for you and for us.

We're happy when you're safe. That's why at Safe Plus Security our engineers go the extra mile when installing or servicing your alarm system. Check up on your loved ones and stay in control of your home whilst your away with our smart monitored alarm systems.

Why choose one of our alarm systems?

Affordable. Simple to use. Tailored to you.

Affordable. Simple to use. Tailored to you.


Illuminated external bell box

The perfect visual deterrent.

Our alarm systems come standard with an illuminated external bell box. Not only is this a great visual deterrent, this also shows publicly that your alarm is in perfect working order.

Monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

We feel it's important to be able to check your homes status whenever & wherever you like. That's why our burglar alarms come with our monitored smartphone application to allow you to check in on your property straight from your smart devices. Video footage also available with our residential camera systems.


Pet friendly sensors, humans not so...

Pet friendly room sensors mean you don't have to worry about your beloved pets setting off your alarm system. Our state of the art sensors know the difference between your pet and an intruder. With this technology you can be rest-assured your pets are safe to roam around at home, whilst humans not so...

Proximity tags, no need for a code.

Worried about forgetting your code for the alarm? Safe Plus offer proximity tags to arm and disarm your alarm system; one for each member of the family. Personalise your prox tags so that you know who's been home at what time. Just another great feature to add to our alarm packages.

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Flexi set - we're awake when your asleep.

Our flexi set programs mean you can set your alarm system at night when you head off to bed. We will choose the correct sensors/door contacts to set whilst you sleep. These programs are fully customisable to your house layout. Having sleepless nights? We have the solution for you.

Receive instant alerts with our smart monitored alarm systems

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Choose how to respond to your alarm

Respond to your alarm notifications the second it alerts.


Keyholder Response

Choose up to 3 members of family, friends, relatives or neighbours to be called & alerted when your alarm has an activation.

Smart control     Popular choice

Control your alarm system from any of your chosen smart devices from anywhere in the world. Set & unset your system, as well as being instantly alerted about any alarm activations or notifications the second they happen.