Why you should have a professional security installer

Is it important that I have my security system installed by professionals?

Yes, the main reason you have a cctv or burglar alarm installed to your property is to hopefully avoid crime. Having a badly installed, non working or out of date system will not allow your setup to do its job properly and therefore will not detect or stop crime.

Things to think about when having an alarm system installed:

- ensure a professional, competant engineer is installing your alarm.

- sufficient testing of sensors, sounders and keypads once installed.

- consider having a monitored alarm system in place to keep your mind at piece.

- have your burglar alarm serviced yearly to test cables, batteries & sensors are working correctly.

- have your engineer explain how to use your alarm properly so you understand exactly how to set & unset the system as well as night set modes if applicable.

- understand the accessories available to you e.g. Key fobs, tags, wireless arming stations, pet sensors, door contacts, window shocks.

- think about having a dummy box installed onto the rear of your property. Even better... have a qualified electrician send power to the dummy box to activate low voltage lighting inside the box as an extra deterant.

- do you have a wired system already? Do not fell you have to swap your wired alarm for a wireless system; some companies will charge you to remove your old wired alarm system to replace with a ‘state of the art wireless burlgar alarm’. If you have an existing wired alarm which is outdated and needs replacing, along with the required cabling which is in good condition, then ensure you have a quality wired alarm refitted. Wireless alarm systems work absolutely great, but... wired systems save a yearly cost of batteries in every sensor and external sounder.

- if you do not have an existing burglar alarm installed then consider having a wireless alarm system put in to save damage to your property when running cables.

Ensure you have the correct system installed into your property. If you have pets, think about having pet sensors installed rather than standard PIR’s to stop nuisance alarms when leaving your pets at home or whilst your asleep.

Remember; a professional security engineer will provide exactly what they promise. You will end up with a well managed alarm system that works for your property.

Be safe, be secure.

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